CIO Embroidery


We have done embroidery for local team sports like lacrosse, soccer, equestrian, golf items, martial arts and many more.

Names, logos, team logos, monograms, numbers what ever you want, where every you want it. We can contact you talk and plan your project.

We specialize in equestrian items such as blankets, saddle pads, rat catchers and jackets.

We have worked with many of the local farms to embroider their farm's logo on jackets, saddle pads and banners.

We have also attended many Horse Shows and done embroider items right on site.

CIO can embroider your team logo on shirts, sweat shirts, jackets , bags and just about anything you would like it on.

We specialize in equestrian items such as saddle pads, blankets, rat catchers and jackets.