CIO Embroidery


The following price charts are a general pricing.  Your project could be more or less depending on, number of stitches, size of design, number of colors and if the image needs to be digitized (design put into a form the embroidery machine can understand). 

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$45.00 minimum charge

If Images are not in embroidery format there will be an extra charge to
convert the images. All other art will be subject to verification of use first.

Metallic or special threads add .25 per thousand stitches used. 

A final sew out will be provided free of charge and before
production starts.  This might come as a picture in an email or
text message. Approval must be received before production starts.

There are NO returns or refunds.  Once embroidered it’s yours.

Damaged Goods:     
You must send us back the damaged goods at your expense and
we ill evaluate the damaged goods on a case by case basis

Production Time:  
After receiving final approval of the design we will start production
and finish your project in a timely manner.