CIO Embroidery


CIO Embroidery can Create Your Ideas from our designs, your business card or from a photo.

Our Stock Design Selection
You can follow this link (Dakota) to view the selection of stock designs.  Use the "Design Search" or "Browse Designs" section on the left of the main page to search all the embroidery designs available from this vendor.

Your sketch or design
CIO Embroider can take your sketch, your business card, YOUR logo and embroider it on garments or cloth materials.

Your PHOTO !
CIO Embroidery can take your  photo, have it converted to a stitch format and embroider the image onto any garments or cloth materials.

The Process for your design or photo
The better the image the better the final outcome.  A high quality image like a vector graphic format will get the best results for an image or business card.  A clear and sized jpeg can also be used.  Send us the photo so we can determine how it will come out.
At this time, to get the image or photo converted for a full back size is a one time charge of $75.  Then the embroider is based on the number of stitches. 
We will be in contact with you to determine the best choice and through the whole process.

It's best not to use full human faces.  From our experience a profile shot of your animal will come out better then a straight on shot.  You also don't want to much background.  We can cut out some but it's best not to have it in to begin with. 

Color Chart
This is a LINK to our color chart.  This chart really covers ALL the colors.  It might look a little different on your item but this chart is to see the colors available.



We can embroider on many types of garments or cloth materials.  From towels to horse blankets we can embroider them.
If you have any questions please email us.